Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit and Self An Imaginary Dialogue

H I’m starving! Growing weaker every day. Won’t you help me?

S If I can. Who are you? What do you need?

H I need the Bread of Life.

S Is that wheat, Italian or rye? Chuckle

H Not exactly. Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life.” Feed on the Word.

S Wait a minute. Explain yourself.

H I am the Holy Spirit of God. I have been given to you to help you in this life and to bring resurrection to your body at the last day.

S Oh! My! Oh! Humbled

H Because I live in you-I see through your eyes, walk in your shoes, hear through you and sometimes speak through you.

S You see what I’m looking at? You read what I am reading? Hum

H Yes. I need for you to read the scriptures; that is the Bread of Life.

That is how I gain my strength, my power to move in your life. (voice grows weaker) Forgive me; I grow weaker every day that you neglect to feed me that Bread.

S Oh, no. Forgive me! Father, forgive me. I did not realize that I was quenching the Holy Spirit.

(Starts reading a Psalm)

H Do you have any wine for me?

S I don’t understand.

H Do you have new wine in new wineskins?

S I don’t know. I suppose not. Should I?

H Let me put this another way. Do you love the Lord?


H How do you express that love to him?

S Well, I go to church. I appreciate earth’s beauty. and His blessings.

H Good. But how do you really show that you love God? It is the first commandment, you know. Do you praise and thank Him for the things you just mentioned?

S Uh. Sometimes.

H Would you like to do that just now? Practice a little?

S (bowed head, reverently) I praise you, most holy God for out of your beautiful perfection, you have created a world full of great beauty, in infinite variety- on land, sea, and air. Thank you!

H That is the wine that nourishes me. The praise of the Father that glorifies Him. Now I can pray for you with greater power through my utterance, not your language.


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