Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Praise Him!

As music and praise filled the air, I began to visualize my thoughts thus: Beams of light came down from above and spotlighted various individuals where I was; one even touched me. Then the lights began pulsing with different colors, all the colors of the rainbow and even more colors, but gentle, not glaring, light. Then the lights began to arc over the group of people. As my perspective changed, I could see the arc of lights, like many rainbows, crossing the United States, Then it bounced to Africa, then beyond, At once I was further away, and I could see the rainbow lights encircling the earth, bright against the blackness of space. Instantly I was back in the group of people singing. I could see the words of praise coming forth from the mouths of each, and the Holy Spirit touched each word of praise which strengthened that word, and it rose, high and strong. Each word empowered the hosts of heaven; the words were the weapons of warfare used by God’s mighty angels against man’s ancient foe, Lucifer. We can continually offer up our praise and defeat the enemy. It is for such as this that each of us is called. Praise Him.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Am that I Am

God is infinite. He exists with no limitations, fills all in all.
God is spirit. Though invisible to human eyes, He is omnipotent.
God is holy. Therefore, He cannot tolerate sin in His presence.
God is glory. He dwells in perfect, unapproachable light.
God is grace. He showers grace and mercy on His people.
God is forgiving. When he forgives, He keeps no record.
God is love. His love is perfect, sacrificial and extends to all people who accept His love.


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Rain

by Margaret Everett

O Lord, your love is like the rain from heaven.
Giving life, refreshment and satisfying our thirst.

It may come upon us like a soft sunshine shower-
Or with the gusty, chill wind out of the west.

Sometimes punctuated by thunder from the clouds which blanket
all the trees and houses in monochromatic gray.

Your blessings nourish us as the drops of water awaken the leaves and buds of all things growing in the world of your creation.

Your power stirs us like the wind moving on the face of the pond.
We see not the wind, only the effect of it.

In some, the effect is shallow, almost superficial.
In others, it pulses strong as the currents in the deepest ocean.

How gracious, how merciful, how perceptive;
you know our innermost being better than we know ourselves.

Yet, you love us all and build up each one of your children
as we are able to grasp the reality of your presence in our lives.

I would no more want to be without your love, O Lord,
than this parched land wants to be denied the life giving rain.

All praise, honor and adoration belong to you, O Lord,
for the love with which you first loved us.

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